System Design & Implementation

Iramari systems design and engineering concepts are driven by well defined industry standards and best practices. Each phase of the system development lifecycle process applies proven system engineering methodologies and principles that ensure successful integration, implementation, and operational deployment. The Iramari approach to systems design and implementation focuses on the business objectives and goals to ensure proper service delivery of cost-effective, resilient, trustworthy, penetration-resistant information systems.

Requirements Definition

Iramari project management and engineering teams work closely with the customer to capture, document, validate, and resolve any conflicting requirements and provide alternatives for the most cost-effective, technically viable solution available. We heavily focus our attention to the requirements analysis phase and devote appropriate technical and management resources that effectively captures the desired outcome.

Solution Design

Utilizing input from all appropriate stakeholders, our clearly defined requirements allow for system engineers to develop the proposed solutions with the Iramari system design approach:
build it secure with optimum performance capabilities, cost effectively. measures to deliver on the exact specifications. We can design the concept by utilizing new, existing infrastructure or cloud-computing environments.


The proposed solution is thoroughly tested and checked against the desired outcomes, our engineering staff provide objective analysis in the quality and test environments ensuring the reliable and successful deployment into the operational space. Our proven test procedures document and resolve any conflicting outcomes and technical issues.

Implementation and Integration

Integration and successful operational deployment is a critical factor in the overall process. The system undergoes thorough hardware, software, and security tests. Baseline security controls are applied and validated to ensure the system meets the appropriate level of effectiveness, Iramari system engineers validate all of the original requirements prior to deployment, verifying all components such as storage, network, and compute resources function as expected under various operating conditions.


Iramari engineers record meticulous documentation during the systems design and implementation process. Processes, and procedures are developed into comprehensive operating manuals that serve as a detailed knowledge base that will allow customer staff to effectively maintain and operate their newly designed system. The proper transition of the system to the customer and their staff is further assisted with Iramari and vendor training to fully utilize and understand the system in its entirety.