Penetration Testing

Iramari Approach

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Social Engineering
  • Custom Exploitation
  • Third-party information
  • External Services
  • Internal Services
  • Zero-Day Attacks
  • E-Mail Attacks
  • Web Application Testing

Iramari Ethical Attack

Your organization is under attack, every day, minute by minute attackers are attempting to probe and exploit vulnerabilities and discover weaknesses in your defenses. Even the most secure system can be infiltrated. By utilizing techniques and methods that closely resemble an actual attack,

Iramari penetration test teams have the experience, tools, and the skills to provide a comprehensive and full understanding of the threats facing your organization. Our ability to find the most seemingly insignificant details to gain valuable insight into the interworking of your system is second to none. We strictly adhere to the agreed upon rules of engagement to carefully inspect and infiltrate your most sensitive sources of information.

Direct Benefits

  • Attacker Perspective
  • Prioritize Risk
  • Reduces Risk