Cloud Migration

Iramari cloud solutions are based on the following guiding principles. Our ability to capture the requirements, down to implementation, we’re capable of migrating your existing datacenter of physical and virtual systems to a public cloud based provider, an internally managed private cloud, or hybrid public and private solution. Iramari engineers use industry best-practices and internally developed processes and procedures to ensure the successful transition. Evaluate, Strategize, Prototype, Provision, and Testing.


Evaluation is carried out for all the components like current infrastructure and application architecture, environment in terms of compute, storage, monitoring, and management, SLAs, operational processes, financial considerations, risk, security, compliance, and licensing needs are identified to build a business case for moving to the cloud.

Migration strategy

Based on the evaluation, a migration strategy is drawn—a hotplug strategy is used where the applications and their data and interface dependencies are isolated and these applications can be operationalized all at once. A fusion strategy is used where the applications can be partially migrated; but for a portion of it, there are dependencies based on existing licenses, specialized server requirements like mainframes, or extensive interconnections with other applications.


Migration activity is preceded by a prototyping activity to validate and ensure that a small portion of the applications are tested on the cloud environment with test data setup.


Pre-migration optimizations identified are implemented. Cloud servers are provisioned for all the identified environments, necessary platform softwares and applications are deployed, configurations are tuned to match the new environment sizing, and databases and files are replicated. All internal and external integration points are properly configured. Web services, batch jobs, and operation and management software are set up in the new environments.


Post-migration tests are conducted to ensure that migration has been successful. Performance and load testing, failure and recovery testing, and scale-out testing are conducted against the expected traffic load and resource utilization levels.