U.S Census Bureau

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Enterprise system monitoring is used to secure the operation and stability of your IT infrastructure. There are a wide range of solutions available to accomplish this task. But deciding on the right product for your environment can be complicated. This is where IRAMARI steps in to provide a comprehensive solution best fit your IT enterprise solution needs.

United States Marine Corp

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IRAMARI is one of the vendors that developed and upgraded enterprise monitoring solutions for the Marine Corp. Iramari played a key role integrating monitoring tools where over coming complex secuirty was a challenge. This project required indepth knowledge of overcoming various security challenges.


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Selected as the subject matter expert for the upgrade of critical monitoring applications, Imamari utilized key personnel to design, plan and migrate the nations leading law enforcement agencies software and hardware.

Missile Defense Agency

Iramari Customer Missile Defense Agency

System and application monitoring was a critical requirement for this project, delivering real-time statistics on some of nations most important assets. We implemented a solution that was practical, easy to use and extremely effective.